Commercial Steamed Hood Cleaning

In Place Of Kitchen Stove

County Wide Extinguisher strives to provide quality service by keeping our customers up to date with current NFPA codes. County Wide Extinguisher completes a hood cleaning on commercial hoods by thoroughly cleaning the kitchen hood(s), exhaust systems, blowers (fans), ductwork and hood filters. For customers who maintain a proper cleaning schedule ensure the safety of their facility, equipment, and staff. Keeping up with NFPA code 96 your business will never fail an inspection or even risk getting shut down due to the lack of cleaning. Please see hood cleaning schedule depending on operation of cooking below.

Volume of Cooking

Frequency of Hood Cleaning

Systems servicing solid fuel cooking operations Monthly
Systems servicing high-volume cooking operations such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling or wok cooking Quarterly
Systems serving moderate-volume cooking operations Semi-Annual
Systems serving low-volume cooking operations which include seasonal business, churches, day camps, and senior living centers Annually

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