Fire Extinguisher Inspection

Different types of fires require different types of extinguishers. For example, a grease fire and an electrical fire require the use of different extinguishing agents to be effective and safely put the fire out. Basically, there are five different types of extinguishing agents. Most fire extinguishers display symbols to show the kind of fire on which they are to be used:

Fire Extinguisher Symbols

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The monthly checks should be documented on the back of your existing extinguisher tag. Also, the fire extinguisher should be inspected, and certified annually by County Wide Extinguisher. A complete breakdown, and internal inspection, and/or hydrostatic test must be done every 6 years from the manufacture date. Both the annual, 6-year inspections, and hydrostatic testing must be done by a fire protection equipment company.

Customers can bring their fire extinguisher into the office, and if its only due for an annual inspection we will inspect the extinguisher while you wait! If your extinguisher is due for its 6-year internal inspection (6 years after the date of manufacture) or hydrostatic test (12 years after the date of manufacture) and we need to keep it at the shop to complete this testing. We can send you with a loaner to ensure that you don’t go a moment unprotected. Some of this testing can take up to a week to complete.

Annual inspections cost $5.25 per Fire Extinguisher.

Absolutely, if you have a business with extinguishers, and can’t make it to the office during our normal office hours of 7:30am – 3:30 pm or just feel more comfortable having County Wide come to you we can do just that! Need pricing? We can get you a custom quote tailored to your needs just call the quoting department at 262-670-8035 ext.2 and we will assist you with that.

The fire departments no longer inspect fire extinguishers. Please call County Wide to schedule your service or bring them into our office so we can inspect them while you wait!

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