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Steamed Hood Cleaning


Steamed Hood Cleaning is done semi-annually to prevent major grease build up that could eventually lead to a fire. Along with cleaning the hood, our technicians clean off the grease build up on exhaust fans and blowers, duct work and hood filters that are on site.

Commercial Kitchen Suppression System and Installation

Kitchen Interior

Kitchen Suppression Inspections are also done semi-annually to ensure that the system is working properly. During an inspection our technicians check the nozzles for grease, over time grease can build up on these nozzles, not allowing proper flow of chemical. The nozzles underneath the hood are designed to disperse wet chemical when the system is set off. Our technicians also check the links that are designed to break after they reach a certain temperature, which would then set off your wet chemical system. During the inspection links are replaced due being worn down replacing links regularly will avoid any accidental system set off.

Fire Extinguisher Suppression

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher Inspections are to be done on an annual basis. County Wide Extinguisher’s Technicians will check to make sure each extinguisher is still charged, don’t have any signs of damage, and check the nozzle and hose to make sure there is no blockage.

After each service is completed, our technicians put a new tag on the hood, system bottle, or extinguisher to show that it has been inspected and is compliance. County Wide Extinguisher offers a discount for customers who use us for their Steamed Hood Cleaning, Suppression Inspection and Fire Extinguisher Inspection please contact us for a tailored quote.

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